July 2017

Summer is here so welcome to the July edition of Personal Effects …. this month a little from me on Generative Coaching and news of a new advanced coaching course I am launching in the Spring ! Also some lovely insights from Mike Rawlins and Caroline Pett from their own learning journeys ………..

Let Go and Be More Dog

Mike Rawlins, NLP Master Practitioner, Executive Coach, songwriter and musician...amongst other things !

“That’s great,” says Florence. Then, with a smile, “You could write that up for Personal Effects”...............

Putting My NLP Business Practitioner to Work !

Caroline Pett NLP Business Practitioner, Phone Shop Manager and aspiring coach

I’ve recently finished my NLP Business Practitioner course, and have been trying some of the NLP presuppositions on for size. A couple of them slipped straight on and immediately felt comfortable.......