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Potential minus interference equals performance.
Tim Gallwey – The Inner Game Of Tennis

Executive Coaching – How it can help:

Executive Coaching offers organisations an effective way of supporting individual managers or team members to overcome problems in their performance, or help them step up into a new role.

It provides a more cost–effective approach by refocusing an existing manager, who is otherwise an asset to the business, rather than losing them and having to recruit externally.

The process

It is a structured process which helps the individual address their issues, by increasing their awareness and taking responsibility for them. Enabling them to

  • clarify issues
  • challenge limiting beliefs
  • generate and evaluate options
  • decide on a final compelling course of action.

This process is usually handled in a series of face to face meetings.

To discuss your requirements further click on CONTACT to get in touch.

The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.
Dr Samuel Johnson

Some Coachee feedback

“I had one to one coaching – Florence doesn’t give you the answers, you have to find them for yourself.  The exercises you do are extremely insightful and when you realise the meaning of it, it’s an uplifting experience.  The simplest things that make you more aware of how your actions can affect others, and how you as a person can change this………… Since having coaching, I am more aware of the way I respond to others and try to ensure that my actions are positive.  I have also learned to see the bigger picture and know that what is important to me may not be as important to another.

Colleagues have commented that they have seen a change in the way I now deal with a difficult situation!”

Want to train as an Executive Coach ?…..NEW Advanced Course Now Available

In addition to the  NLP Coaching Diploma (certified BY ANLP),  I launched a NEW advanced coaching course in Spring 2018, in association with Richard Bisiker of Personal Summits, aimed at those already trained as a coach, and/or with coaching experience:

Advanced Coaching Skills For Executive Coaches

Next programme is at Acton Trussell near Stafford  on 10-12 October with part two 29-30 October 2018.

Gallery image of this property

For those booking by end August cost: £1400 + Vat !!

Normal programme cost thereafter: £1795 + Vat. Includes venue costs and course materials but not accommodation.

I already work with Richard to deliver Institute of Leadership & Management Coaching qualifications at Level 5 and Level 7, which can be  ‘added on’ to both the Diploma or Advanced Coaching Course.

Click on this link for full course details:

Advanced Coaching Skills for Executive Coaches

All of these coaching programmes can be run in-house for organisations – just click on CONTACT to find out more !

Delegate feedback
Thank you for skilful, inclusive and enlightening tutorship during this excellent course.

Without wishing to belabour any Yeatsian point you should feel particularly proud of the way you took 10 very different swatches of fabric, unpicked them gently then wove them into a a very rich, well fitting and harmonious coat of many magnificent colours. And we never even felt the needle.

It was Art.

Inspiring and inspired.

Alastair Behenna (Executive Coach)

Matt TobuttMany of the delegates of the HumanTechnics programmes are experienced learning and development professionals and Florence consistently inspires and influences significant step-changes in their capabilities. This is testament to her skills, expertise, professionalism and her ability to create an engaging and supportive learning environment for delegates. She’s also a joy to work with.

Matt Tobutt
Director HumanTechnics UK

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