Personal Effectiveness At Work – Course overview 

Who simply MUST attend ?

Anyone whose success at work depends on building and maintaining constructive relationships with their colleagues, customers and external contacts.

What’s Different About This Course ?

The content, structure and overall length of this course combine to enable delegates to make lasting changes to how they handle themselves in work/business situations.

  • 5 days in 2 modules (3 days + 2 days)  run 6-8 weeks apart allowing delegates to implement initial learning
  • Maximum 6 delegates – personal focus and maximum ‘tutor time’
  • Ongoing post-course support for all delegates included

What Changes Can Delegates/Line Managers Expect As A Result Of The Course ?

Delegates work on ‘real’ issues, some arising from pre-course feedback from colleagues, discussions with line manager or personal assessment.  Consequently, the changes delegates achieve are related to their own objectives, often aimed at forming new, more helpful, habits of behaviour.

Previous delegates have experienced …..

  • Feeling more assertive, persuasive and in control in work meetings
  • Having a more flexible style/approach when handling difficult customers/colleagues
  • Taking time to consider and deliver an appropriate response to work issues and avoiding  the ‘knee-jerk’ reaction
  • Having improved self confidence and self image which has enabled them to perform better in their roles
  • Improved ability to manage and motivate their teams through better communication and regular quality, feedback
  • Being able to advise and  help other colleagues in their handling of situations

What Are the Likely Benefits to The Business ?

People who are successful don’t just have good ideas and work hard – they know how to get the best from themselves and from other people.

Businesses that are successful invest in the development of their managers’ personal resources and interpersonal skills and in doing so, not only improve the performance and productivity of those individuals, but also the people that report into them.

In addition, in a competitive labour market, development of people is not only about maximising productivity and profitability, it is an important factor in retaining them and keeping them motivated.

Programme Overview

Objectives of the course are to enable delegates to:

  • Understand their own personal style in relationships with others (boss, subordinates, colleagues, customers) and develop greater flexibility of approach
  • Handle interactions and build rapport with others more effectively
  • Develop confidence and resourcefulness in handling a broad range of people and potentially difficult situations
  • Devise and implement strategies to improve their own self-management and their management of their teams

Briefly the course comprises:

Part One (3 days)

  • Getting commitment to full participation and personal change – setting ‘ground rules’ and considering Johari Window model
  • Review of colleague feedback and setting personal objectives for course
  • Understanding the importance of beliefs in driving behaviour and enabling skills through Logical Levels Of Behaviour model
  • Transactional Analysis – understanding own personal styles and interactions with others, recognising and breaking unhelpful ‘habits’ of behaviour
  • Developing strategies to handle previously difficult situations more effectively
  • Understanding the power of language – influencing self and others through use of positive language
  • Developing self-esteem and programming success through dealing with limiting beliefs
  • Creating ‘rapport’ to influence others and achieve better outcomes
  • Feedback skills – giving and receiving feedback to maximise performance
  • Post course work

Part Two (2 days)

  • Review Part One and  Post Course Work
  • Understanding  assertive, passive and aggressive behaviour and using assertiveness techniques
  • Barriers to communication – developing listening and questioning skills
  • Becoming more resourceful and in control: recognising unhelpful ‘drivers’ and patterns of behaviour
  • Identifying and shifting unhelpful beliefs through ‘Timeline’ technique
  • Goal Setting Techniques/ Peer feedback/Post course support

COST:£750 + Vat  !

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