Introduction to NLP/Personal Exellence At Work – Course overview

AIMS: For both individuals curious about NLP and for those who want to build on their learning from Personal Effectiveness at Work.  The course aims to provide an opportunity for individuals to:

  • Understand what NLP is and how this can help develop new ways of thinking to benefit  both work and personal life
  • Review progress and build on the learning since completing  Personal Effectiveness at Work
  • Build on the skills learnt on that programme, particularly managing our state, addressing limiting beliefs  and influencing others


The key subject areas which will be covered over the two days are as set out below. The focus as ever will be on what delegates want to work on and so some additional activities/subjects/approaches may also be included !

  • Review previous learning and knowledge of NLP and setting personal objectives
  • Introducing the ‘Frames’ of NLP to put (& keep)  ourselves in a resourceful place
  • Understanding our unconscious mind and its influence on our actions
  • Introducing the ‘Meta model’ and developing acuity in noticing other people’s language and our own
  • Speaking their language to influence and be understood
  • Asking questions to mobilize resourcefulness in ourselves and others -specifically using ‘Clean Language’ questions
  • Handling interactions better – Perceptual Positions exercise to apply new thinking to existing relationships/situations
  • Developing feedback skills

COST: £299 + Vat  !!

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