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Psychometric Testing

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Are you Hiring and Promoting the Right People ?

  • Have you ever hired a competent person who was unable to get along with others?
  • Have you promoted one of your best workers to find that person incapable of leading ?

Psychometric tests can be an invaluable and cost-effective addition to the recruitment and development process within organisations.

It is the experience of many, that ‘technical’ skills are relatively easy to check out, but how quickly someone will learn about a new business/job and how they will fit with their new environment is more difficult to ascertain without some help.

The McQuaig system offered by Florence Madden can help with…….

  • Job profiling – being clear what you are looking for before you start to look at candidates.
  • Candidate profiling – assessing: underlying temperament; learning speed and preferences; and fit to the job profile.

The ‘testing’ process is backed up by

  • Full discussion on site with the client to help with the interpretation of the results
  • Post-interview explanation and support for candidates

To discuss your requirements and obtain a free trial of the McQuaig System for yourself click on CONTACT.

Some Customer Comments:

“(The McQuaig Word Survey and Occupational Tests) … have confirmed ‘gut feelings’ about candidates and helped me to see their strengths and weaknesses with much greater clarity………..External candidates have felt reassured that they are applying to a company that is interested in its employees. The explanation process post-interview has served to satisfy unsuccessful candidates that they have been treated fairly and have been given guidance for their future career development………Very happy with the level of service.”
Fred Story,
Managing Director – Story Group

The McQuaig Job Survey… This has proved to be a highly effective management tool in helping us to identify and achieve consensus on not just the key skills, but also the behaviours required that will determine success for a particular job. The McQuaig Word Survey also generates questions providing us with a clear focus during the interview process.
Angela Jeffries,
Personnel Director – Story Homes Limited

“The service level is excellent. Response time is always good and Florence keeps me informed if there are delays at the candidate end.
The McQuaig System provides a good benchmark for candidates against the role”.
Helen Tarbatt
Human Resource Manager, Venture Photography

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